Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Darksiders #1 Comic Book in production...

Hey everyone, we're in production on the first issue of the Darksiders miniseries. This continues the story from the "Beginning of the End" one shot. In this issue the demoness called Aba'rell is given a jump code to allow her to interfere in earthly affairs. Damious will chose his wife and Loren and Gary go on their first actual date, but it's what happens when they go back to her place that will sit off a series of horrific events.

How do all these events fit together? Well I guess you have to pick up the first issue of "Epitaph: The Darksiders" which will be in our online store early next year.

The cover is by Von Everette done after one of her and my favorite artist Michael Turner (RIP) and colored by Kayla Swain. The inside art will by by series regular Joseph Canave. (Apologies to him for the name mishap) with colors by hot new colorist Tricia Cunningham. Keep an eye out for her, she's throwing down some great colors. And good luck to our homegirl Kayla whose back in school.

Also there will be an issue #2 of Abiding Lilith. We toyed with the idea of redoing the first issue with all new art to match up to what we're currently doing as the art in that issue is about two years old from the first run of books, but we came to a decision that people who bought that issue would feel like they've paid twice for the same story since the story hasn't really changed. There is talk of a possible artboard cover edition that can be sent in to us and Nathyn Masters himself will do an original drawing right on the cover.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Epitaph Comic Reboot...

Change is on the way! In fact a sweeping change. Epitaph and all related books will be put on hold until after the film. Since the movie and film are so tightly integrated we our funneling all of our resources into the film. The film will act as an issue #0. But understand there's a method to the madness. Up until now the Epitaph story had been loosely held together based on the pretty random events in "Epitaph: Beginning of the End". The series was based around Victor Locke, but looking over future scripts and stories we've decided that there could be more character realization. Simply put that means better writing. Victor is supposed to have his own series which would relegate "Epitaph" to a book of tightly interwoven stories that effect the NPP Universe as a whole. 

The "Epitaph" comics will be written and move more like a novelized film. If the film is issue #0 the continuity should flow from issue #0. The characters will remain the same but the issues of continuity will have to be solved. The "Beginning of the End" story, (which was originally penned in 2007 or 2008) will serve as a basis for who the characters are and what they're about. But we're going to try to make this thing something long lasting.

If you want to lunch a universe (Marvel, DC, Image, ect) you have to work with full stories and that can be built on. The purpose of "Epitaph" series is to be able to build. Each character being rich in depth and having rooted motivations. Epitaph was never slated to be an ongoing series. It was a collection of mini-series that spun off of other books. We plan to continue down that path, but everything will be tighter in the future. Currently the "Beginning of the End" book, which the movie is actually based around in some ways, is still (loosely) in the continuity and will hopefully be a great collector's item someday.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trailer for Bread and Salt

Check out the first teaser trailer for the "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" movie. See the HD Teaser here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Epitaph: Bread and Salt Movie in Production

The wait is over. The Nathyn Brendan Masters film "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" based on our series is in full production. As of now the production is well into the first few scenes including a fight between Victor and a day roaming demon named Satsu.

Nathyn told me this was "the most fun film" he's ever made," He's moving into the next scenes this Friday as they shoot a scene with Victor and Cassie before she becomes Zombie Girl. By this time next week they should have another battle scene down. Nathyn wants to have a rough trailer by the end of the month.

Masters plans to use the Epitaph franchise to open the whole Night Phoenix Press Universe up via films. He said "It's kind of like what Marvel's doing but we're staying truer to the stories because the stories are actually connected to the comics, not just merchandising for the comics."

So if all goes well the movie should be done with principal photography by the end of the year and finished by March of 2011. We're hoping for it and hoping to move forward with the actually books ASAP.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

IndyPlanet Back in Business!!!!

Indy comic store IndyPlanet is back in business! As you know hackers got to their servers and took down all the sites for a whole week. Now IP is back with a slicker site and all new titles. Our store is also back up, but we will continues to give out freebies of the Epitaph "Abiding Lilith" and "Beginning of the End" titles considering the great response. We hop those that downloaded enjoyed those issues, the physical copy of "Abiding Lilith" should be out very soon. "Begining of the End" is available now in our NEW IndyPlanet Store. You may also click on the link to the left to get to the store.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


In the wake of the IP store being hacked we are giving away free copies of our horror/action comics Epitaph: Beginning of the End #0 and Epitaph: Abiding Lilith. If you'd like a free copy, please feel free to download it. They will be available until one of our stores is up and functioning, so get it now.

These are good to have because they lead in to the "Darksiders" limited series. You'll want to read "Beginning of the End" first and then "Abiding Lilith". Could there be an Abiding Lilith #2 on the way? Only time will tell. Also a new Epitaph comic will be hitting the web next month. You'll know more about that one soon as well as see some advance full color art from "Epitaph: The Darksiders #1" via break out artist Joseph Canave and our beloved colorist Kayla Swain, so stay tuned.

Both stores should be up and available in a few days, giving you choice as to which vendor you'd prefer to buy from as well as acting as a back up in case something like this occurs in the future.

If you'd like to join us on Facebook click our link in the "NPP Style" section or to join our Facebook group for the upcoming movie click here. You may be Zombie Girl in the Epitaph prequel movie "Bread and Salt".

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ka-Blam: Rising Like a Phoenix...

As you know IndyPlanet and it's parent site Ka-Blam was hit by hackers a night ago. While IP is still down Ka-Blam is up and working. With this being the case "Epitaph: Abiding Lilith #1" has yet to be made available, but was in the system. The next Epitaph book should be out sometime next month. Current NPP titles should available in the next few days once this is cleared up.

Ka-Blam is keeping people abreast of what's happening via their website. According to their blog, "...some time in the early morning hours our sites were hacked. We’re not sure how they got in or what they were really trying to accomplish other than cause mischief.

Which they did in abundance.

Thankfully — and luckily for us –they also seem to have been somewhat inept. They left their mark on EVERY php and html file on more than a dozen domains, but they also left a pretty obvious trail behind and it doesn’t appear they did any irreparable harm. Still, Thomas and I have both spent the entire day combing through file after file, line by line, deleting the malicious additions made to our code.

We’re still checking, but it appears that we’ve got clean once again. You may still, however, see a malicious site warning from your browser. My understanding is that those can linger until lifted by the third parties that impose them. We’re looking into that now.

In the meantime, we do believe that Ka-Blam is clean once again but if you should come across an sql error please let us know.

IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey are both still down. We’ll be working on cleaning those all weekend I’m sure. We apologize for the inconvenience and beg your patience."

Apparently it was also discovered that the hacking attack came from Chinese hackers (or at least someone in China) and the attack seems to be very random. In a blog response Ka-Blam's Barry Gregory strongly advises to "stay away" from IndyPlanet and Comics Monkey until further notice.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Night Phoenix Press IP Store Hacked

Hackers! At some point last night hackers got the best of IndyPlanet. For those who don't know IP is where our online store is housed. The site has been down now for more than twelve hours and is being blocked by google as an attack site.

It seems hackers have been trying to put malicious software on IP and left the number #1 seller of indy comics fighting to get back online again. This attack took out "Ka-blam" their printing site and "Comicsmonkey" their distribution site set up for comic brick and mortar comic stores to order titles sold through them.

This sucks extra hard because it's comic-con season and they've been working hard to get various people's books out to them in time for the cons. The good thing is I don't think this is affecting their actual printing, just their site.

But stay tuned for more information. Hopefully we will be back up and running soon. We have a back up store at ComiXpress but it has yet to go online.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A New Epitaph One Shot

Beginning of the End isn't the only Epitaph book to hit the net. Epitaph: Abiding Lilith will soon be available via our store at Indy Planet. If you love comics, then you should be shopping at Indy Planet, as they have the best variety and listings of indy comics anywhere. Check us out to get all the new NPP comics as they're announced here. You should be seeing this comic in a few days.

This one shot also takes place after Epitaph: Beginning of the End one shot and before The Darksiders mini-series and sheds more light on the Epitaph Universe and things going on therein.

In Abiding Lilith the vampire known as Decoy questions two ex-Sisterhood of Lilith spreaders, about several new recruits said to be carrying a deadly STD. Can the new girls be stopped in time. And what's the connection to the deaths of Gill Savinni and the unidentified young lady that was also killed in the grisly supernatural murders in the Epitaph: Beginning of the End one shot.

Also Joseph Canave and Kayla Swain, will continue the art and color chores on the Epitaph "Darksiders" mini-series and you'll be seeing a lot of Kayla's colors this fall all over the NNP books along with our original coloring and lettering crew Blackout Texture Shoppe, who did the colors for this awesome cover with the lovely X'inecta on it and the interiors as well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Concept Photos for Epitaph: Bread and Salt

Concept photos for the "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" are out and up for all to see on our Facebook page.

Microbudget filmmaker Nathyn Brendan Masters will star and direct the feature film about the origin of Victor Locke and how he came to work with "The Defenders of Eden" amidst the backdrop of cults and a rise of modern day Esterie that have made their home in Chicago.

Several concept shots have come to light based on the original ads and covers for Epitaph and the upcoming Victor Locke spin off comic series slated for 2011. Masters will take on the role of Victor Locke, an urban demon hunter forced into a calling because he has the power to see demons masquerading as humans. He teams up with a band of Esterie hunters called "The Defenders of Eden" who indeed have defended earth from the supernatural since the time of Solomon.

Masters promises martial arts, action and thrills and to "keep it in the universe." He feels strongly about making the series reflect the world of the comic book and is currently creating costumes, making props and building weapons for the film as well as creating a martial art specifically based around various staking techniques Daqar Krav (which means "stabbing" or in this context "Staking" Combat in Hebrew). People can learn more about the film on Master's Production Journal at

Monday, June 14, 2010

Epitaph: Beginning of the End #0 Ready for Order!

The Epitaph: Beginning of the End #0 is out and Ready for Order! This is the first issue to the series with the mix cover featuring Ashen, Alucard, Victor Locke and Hanover. This cover was done by Robert Stewart a few years ago and those fabulous colors were by Kayla Swain.

As mentioned before this series takes place a bit after the upcoming Epitaph: Bread and Salt movie also due out in 2011 (more information on "Bread and Salt" starring Nathyn Brendan Masters coming soon) and will build off the situations that happen in the film.

This is the same issue as the one with the Zombie Girl cover, but this is the plain cover. In this issue The Sisterhood of Lilith vie for the affections of their most powerful male member and a flesh eating prostitute feasts on her clients. In the meantime Victor Locke tries to keep it together while hunting demons and trying to solve several supernatural murders. Click on the image to get issue #0 now!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Rise of the Phoenix!

Hey everyone, just sending a shout out to let everyone know Night Phoenix Press is indeed back in business. Our first book should be out sometime this month. Just to let you know, we may be slow getting the work out because of a lot of lose ends we're tying up, but it will be coming out. We're talking both comics, graphics novels and even a movie or so in the works so be on the look out.

So the obvious question is what are we droppin' on you first. The answer is "Epitaph: The Beginning of the End". This is a total reworking of the Epitaph story. For those who don't know the story Epitaph is NOT just about an evil cult bent on world domination, as much as the wars within as various factions (and people), try to rise to power particularly in the city of Chicago.

The Epitaph series will feature several specific characters and their stories while other Night Phoenix Press characters pop up seeking to save the world or plunge it into darkness. Coming special appearances include Night Phoenix and Maven. With art by Joseph Conave, coloring by Kayla Swain and letters by Blackout Texture Shoppe and written by Nathyn Masters.

This is not a series like other series, it will not be an on going series yet as much as it will be a bunch of mini-series and graphic novels that pop up from time to time. Various books will spin off from Epitaph, the first being Demon Hunter Victor Locke then Night Phoenix and Maven. Keep your eye here to know all that's going on.