Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Darksiders #1 Comic Book in production...

Hey everyone, we're in production on the first issue of the Darksiders miniseries. This continues the story from the "Beginning of the End" one shot. In this issue the demoness called Aba'rell is given a jump code to allow her to interfere in earthly affairs. Damious will chose his wife and Loren and Gary go on their first actual date, but it's what happens when they go back to her place that will sit off a series of horrific events.

How do all these events fit together? Well I guess you have to pick up the first issue of "Epitaph: The Darksiders" which will be in our online store early next year.

The cover is by Von Everette done after one of her and my favorite artist Michael Turner (RIP) and colored by Kayla Swain. The inside art will by by series regular Joseph Canave. (Apologies to him for the name mishap) with colors by hot new colorist Tricia Cunningham. Keep an eye out for her, she's throwing down some great colors. And good luck to our homegirl Kayla whose back in school.

Also there will be an issue #2 of Abiding Lilith. We toyed with the idea of redoing the first issue with all new art to match up to what we're currently doing as the art in that issue is about two years old from the first run of books, but we came to a decision that people who bought that issue would feel like they've paid twice for the same story since the story hasn't really changed. There is talk of a possible artboard cover edition that can be sent in to us and Nathyn Masters himself will do an original drawing right on the cover.