Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Darksiders #2 Out Now!

Written by Nathyn Brendan Masters
Art by Joseph Canave
Colors by Maldad

Epitaph: Darksiders is out right now! For those that have been following along, issue one took place after Epitaph: Beginning of the End as Damious picked his bride to be from a scandalous group of chosen for him by the Sisterhood of Lilith. But his choice definitely will make him future enemies.

Also Loren took her flavor of the month back to her place for a little adult fun, but as we all know, it didn't work out that way, instead it ended it with Gary's death at the hands of Loren.

Issue #2 takes places hours after Gary's death with Victor seeking out Loren to question her about the powerful wave of magic that's been unleashed and bumping into his seductive and ex Susan.

Meanwhile Loren call's on the help of Owl Wiess, a clean-up woman that works for various members of the Darksiders, including her family. But what price will Loren have to pay to hide Gary's death and not end up being the next celebrity on trail for murder.

This is the second issue in the three part mini series leading up to "Epitaph: The Series" and the "Victor Locke: Demon Hunter" comic. This series also crosses over with the "Epitaph: Abiding Lilith" mini-series.