Friday, May 27, 2011


Cover for "Abiding Lilith Redux #1"
ABL is nearing end of the production phaze. Abiding Lilith is the story of the Sisterhood of Lilith and their evil plans to spread disease and birth demonic evils. This issue retells the story of those who worked for the Sisterhood as spreaders and have now either turned their backs on the organization or been turn on by the sisterhood.

In this issue, Naomi a former prostitute who joined the SOL and became a spreader is now working as a file clerk in an office. She is visited by Eon Drax a.k.a Decoy, who is believed by most to be a vampire, but she's knows who and what he is.

Eon is on the trail of The Sisterhood and wants to take them down at all cost. This book also continues the story of the young athlete Gill Savani, who died violently, but no one knows the cause. Eon knows it was magic and wants to track down the killer, but is also on the case of three new spreaders carrying a deadly new STD.

For answers to all his questions he will turn to Jill Morgan, a woman who made it to the upper levels of the order then left them. And on top of all this, children are disappearing in Chicago and a large bat-like creature is said to have been at the scene. But is the creature real? And what is it? You'll find out soon.

This issue will also feature an appearance by Adonijah Washington, the man known as the company namesake "Night Phoenix" and is the first story drawn and written by Nathyn Brendan Masters. Colors will be by our hot new colorist Maldad.