Sunday, December 16, 2012

New "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" trailer hits Youtube!

The new trailer for "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" has hit Youtube. Click on it to check it out. As you know the movie is based on the Night Phoenix Press comic series "Epitaph" and acts as an issue #0 if you will.

The "Epitaph: Darksiders" comic series has one more book to go and the Abiding Lilith one shot is out. So buy next year we should be working on the "Epitaph" ongoing series. 

Please drop me a line and let me know what you think. And please like, favorite and share this video with your friend who like this kind of film. I think they will be greatly pleased.

Also we look forward to next year as we plan to kick off "Epitaph: The Series" and the "Victor Locke: Demon Hunter" series. So keep your eyes open.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Darksiders #2 Out Now!

Written by Nathyn Brendan Masters
Art by Joseph Canave
Colors by Maldad

Epitaph: Darksiders is out right now! For those that have been following along, issue one took place after Epitaph: Beginning of the End as Damious picked his bride to be from a scandalous group of chosen for him by the Sisterhood of Lilith. But his choice definitely will make him future enemies.

Also Loren took her flavor of the month back to her place for a little adult fun, but as we all know, it didn't work out that way, instead it ended it with Gary's death at the hands of Loren.

Issue #2 takes places hours after Gary's death with Victor seeking out Loren to question her about the powerful wave of magic that's been unleashed and bumping into his seductive and ex Susan.

Meanwhile Loren call's on the help of Owl Wiess, a clean-up woman that works for various members of the Darksiders, including her family. But what price will Loren have to pay to hide Gary's death and not end up being the next celebrity on trail for murder.

This is the second issue in the three part mini series leading up to "Epitaph: The Series" and the "Victor Locke: Demon Hunter" comic. This series also crosses over with the "Epitaph: Abiding Lilith" mini-series.

Friday, March 2, 2012

If Ya Havin' Demon Problems I feel Bad fa Ya Son...

The art for Victor Locke: Demon Hunter issue #1 is done and with a hot cover by Oren Kramek (a.k.a Oren K) we know you're going to want to grab this one when it hits the shelves in 2013. Vladymir Aludard relocates Alucard Industries to Chicago with Lady Bathory in tow. As they make their home in the unsuspecting city Vlad readies her to become a general in Hell's army that she may be as powerful as he is. Currently we're hard at work on "Epitaph: Darksiders #2" and "Epitaph: The Series" which are both almost done.

Also check out Dulce de Ojo: THE MAGAZINE which showcased the first half of the "Epitaph: Abiding Lilith" story. It's a very cool art magazine in the tradition of Heavy Metal" so grab a copy if you have a chance.

Some people have been a bit curious about what will drop this year as we seemed to have stalled last year, but we do have big plans for 2012. I'm in the process of knocking out the rest of the ABL series, (only two more books to go), the art for the "Vampire Alliance" oneshot is done and we're looking at a possible "Night Phoenix" #1 once we get a good superhero artist.

On top of all this I'm writing again. I just finished editing my novel "Midrash Express" which is a Blackrayne sequel and is available for digital download and in paperback form, so check it out. The digital version is only $1.99 so it's a steal.

And I know people have been asking about digitally downloading the comics, but we're still waiting for IndyPlanet and their digital platform to get up and running. They're moving a lot of things over there so it's going to take some time, probably by the end of 2012 they'll have it fully set up.  Other than this, keep watching out for our books and don't forget about the Epitaph: Bread and Salt film.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Been Along Time...

...but we're finally back. We haven't be slacking though, we've been working on the "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" movie. For those who don't know EB&S is a prequel to the "Epitaph: Beginning of the End" comic which, for the most part, kicks off the Night Phoenix Press Universe.  Go on over to the TimeCode Mechanics blogs and check out all the info on the film or you can go to IMDB and check it out.

On the comic book front "Epitaph: Darksiders #1" is out if you haven't seen it yet, click the link and go to the store. We're also working on the next issue of "Abiding Lilith". If you haven't gotten it yet click the link and head back to the store, LOL. Actually you can click the link in the upper left hand corner and see all of our books that are currently out.

IndyPlanet Digital is still coming together slowly, but we will be offering digital versions of the comics soon, so well keep you posted on new developments. And I promise to update much more often. I'm actually doing everything so you I'm stretched right now. But make sure you go and see all the books. Plus I'm working on a little surprise. If you've been on my Facebook or the "Herotalk" forums you probably know what it is, but I'll be back in a few days to let you know what's happening. Other than that, everything's cool on this front and hope you all have a nice week. Drop me a line here or on Facebook.