Monday, August 5, 2013

Epitaph: Bread and Salt! See how it all began!

After three years of blood and sweat Epitaph Bread and Salt is finally up! We'd like to thank everyone that helped make this happen. So far people are saying this is the best we've ever done so we hope to keep moving forward from there. And we've already got our first review over at Combat Film Syndicate! So go ahead and check that out the check out Epitaph: Bread and Salt! And don't forget to hit us up and rate us on IMDB. And the DVDs are also available, just click on the images.  Or CLICK HERE TO GET ONE USING PAYPAL.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Available in May - Epitaph: Ultimate Control

Many people want power, but what's it worth to you? 

In this one shot, Serpina, a soul stealing corporal succubus, seeks deadly vengeance for being imprisoned after making deals with Natas Talbane and a US Senator. 

Meanwhile the vigilante known as Euthanasia feeds on violent criminals to sate her bloodlust. 

Written by series creator Nathyn Brendan Masters with art by Paulo Sbragi, Robert Stewart and Maldad on colors. 

Another tale leading up to "Epitaph: The Series". If you've been enjoying the Epitaph stories they will all converge this summer. Your favorite good and bad guys and gals will be back in the swing of things and you don't want to miss it. Digital copies are on sale now at

Content Warning: Epitaph: Ultimate Control deals with mature subject matter and may contain adult situations.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Epitaph: The Darksiders Final Issue! On Sale Now!

Epitaph: The Darksiders #3 is finally out. The first Epitaph mini series is finished and waiting for you! You want to get it, then click the image or click the "Get Comics Now" link for it. Now it's been out in digital format for a few days now, but we didn't want to say too much about it until the hardcopy was ready to go, but here it is!

This issue take place directly after the events of issue #2. Owl forces Loren to leave the city, and reveals to Loren she has been given the authority to kill her if she doesn't come peacefully, of course Loren runs, but her escape sets the stage for a tragic chain of events.

And Nightevil finds out a secret about Damious that could destroy everything the Sisterhood has planned if it gets out. And Zombie Girl makes an appearance as she stumbles upon a "client" beating one of the girls and robbing her, but our dead sexy hungry hooker plans to make sure he won't do it again. This last issue will open the door for the ongoing series, so you're going to want to check it out.

If you haven't been keeping up with the series, this is the best time get into it. All three issues are out, not to mention "Epitaph: Beginning of the End" and "Abiding Lilith", and you can get them digitally or in hard copy.

Now that we've finally entered the digital market, I can say personally that it's incredible. You up load the book and in twelve hours it's ready for the fans, versus the ten day wait with the hardcopies. But either way, whether you prefer paper or digital, we have it here for you so get them now!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Victor Locke Demon Hunter In Progress...

Page 3 of Victor Locke: Demon Hunter!
There's a lot going on here at Night Phoenix Press. As you know we just finished our first mini-series "Epitaph: The Darksiders", exploded onto the digital scene with everything in our library so far and now we're in the process of knocking out the color work for Victor Locke: Demon Hunter. This Epitaph spin off showcases Victor in his own series. Issue #0 sits the stage for Victor's solo adventures.

Chicago is being overrun by vampires, supernatural entities and demon-halflings known as Neo-Nephilim. Victor is a one man wrecking crew against the demonic legions, but where are they coming from?

Also a sinister new evil has moved into Chicago: Vladymir Alucard. The world's most famous vampire is making his home in the Windy City, with Lady Elizabeth Bathory in tow. She will finally give herself over to the darkness so she too can be a general of Hell. But how wil their evil plans effect the world of Epitaph?

This issue will be written and drawn by me and colored by Maldad! This will be the first solo Locke story, and while the book focuses on Victor, you will definitely be seeing your favorite Epitaph characters popping in from time to time, especially Fist of God and Rebecca and surely Nightevil, Loren, Hanover and all the bad girls we know you love. You should be seeing Victor Locke next month in the digital format, then later in print.

Night Phoenix Press Digital Comics

It's not a joke! We've been steady working to try to bring you digital comics. Now we're finally able to do it. You can download these comics via your computer or iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android Phone or tablet using Amazon's free Kindle App and of course your Amazon Kindle Tablet. Our comics start at only .99¢ for the Darksiders Series. Simply scroll down and click on the one you want and it will download directly to your Kindle or Kindle App.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Panel Pages is Fully Funded

On February 26, 2013 we set out to create a new kind of art board for the new, younger and more digitally inclined artist. The artist who draws on paper then scans to computer. But this artist is young, struggling, trying to buy, clothes, food, maybe school books and of course art supply.

This artist has a cheap scanner/printer combo like you get at Best Buy, but it's mainly for documents and not for art. The large format scanners are expensive, not to mention big and bulky, so this person has to scan half the document, then the other half and then connect the two halves in Photoshop or other graphics program to get it into the computer. Wouldn't it be nice if that artist had a smaller page to work with in originating his or her art? The artist could not only draw smaller, but instantly go from paper to scanner.

That was our idea when we created Panel Pages, based on an incident that happened with me wanting to scan a large page and not being able to without the common hassle of scanning both halves. While I've had this idea in mind for awhile, for some reason this incident really pushed me to move on it. It started with cutting paper 8 x 11.5, an inch wider and taller than the 7 x 10.5 size the pages are reduced to in Photoshop to be made print ready for the digital comic book printers like Ka-blam, ComiXpress or Rink.

On February 26, 2013 we set up a Kickstart to get funds to back this project and on Sunday March 17, we made our $1500 goal! And we still have twenty some days to go and are still getting funds. It was awesome to have people like Trent Kaniuga, Dan Fraga and Shawn Alleyne back this project. We also have an Indiegogo for people who want to use Paypal to help with this project. Thanks to all those that helped. We will do the best we can to get this done and done well.

We've been talking to paper companies including paper giant Strathmore and the art chain Utrecht, which makes it's own paper products so sometime in June we should be rolling out Panel Pages. See you then.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Epitaph The Darksiders - Final Issue!

It's been a long time coming, but Epitaph: The Darksiders is finally complete. This was a great three issue series leading into the ongoing series in which I will be taking over the art chores now that I have more time and am back at the boards.

I'd like to send a special thanks to my crew Joseph Canave for knocking these pages out for me and to my colorist Maldad and to my original colorist Kayla Swain.

It was tough finically considering I was shooting the "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" movie while still writing and lettering the Darksiders and still penciling and inking the first two issues of the ongoing series and also issue #0 of Victor Locke Demon Hunter, not to mention the third book in the ongoing series which became the Damita book so it's been a busy few months.

And now, as you know I'm working on the Panel Pages project for comic book artist working between the comic and digital mediums. And more special thanks to Preston Shuttlesworth for working with us and hopefully we will be able to get our prototypes done through his company EyeCandy.

So that's it everyone, Epitaph: The Darksiders #3 should be on sale next month and ready to go for all who want it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Panel Pages Project New On Kickstarter

Pencil, Ink, Scan! No more need for huge scanners or runs to Kinkos. Perfect for the modern indy comic or manga artist. Click on the images to see more!

Sometimes you're drawing a comic book. You finish the page and it looks great and now you want to scan it to color and letter it, but it's too big for the scanner, so you have to scan half, then scan the other half and put it together in Photoshop or some other program.
Or you're drawing a manga comic. Sure you can draw it on the smaller paper, but it's still too small to scan. Either way you have to run down to the local printshop and reduce the page. 
Or you're working with both mediums (like many), and some things you originate on paper and some you originate digitally. No more having to cut paper or use scrap pieces... 
That's where "Panel Pages" comes in....

Panel Pages are designed by Night Phoenix Press lead creator Nathyn Brendan Masters and measure 8 x 11.5. Large enough to draw a four to five panel comic and small enough to fit in most average scanners. The non-photo border is printed on bright white Vellum Bristol board.
Reduce the art down an inch on all sides to 7 x 10.5 and you've got the perfect size to be uploaded to Ka-Blam, ComiXpress or even Rink Printing for a standard size comic or reduce the page to your needed size for Manga or Digest sized. Just keep all the important art and lettering inside the inner panel... 
Where Will Your Money Go...?
I want to produce as high of quality paper as possible, but sale them as inexpensively as I can. I would like to sale these in packs of 21 plus two cover sheets (incase you mess up on one) and packs of 50 with 4 cover sheets and so on. But the basic pack, 21/2 sheets I want to sale for under $10.
Your money goes to buying the best paper we can and printing.  2 - ply vellum bristol board, suited for pen and pencil. Vellum is ideal for a broad range of media, including crayon and charcoal. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inks for Yet Another New Epitaph #0 Cover?

Yep, another new cover for Epitaph #0. This one is drawn by one of our hot new artist Pramit Santra. We've got some great plans for this year and one of those plans in to get national exposure, so one of the things that I wanted to do was redo this cover.

We did have Joseph Canave draw a nice new cover for us, but I did want something closer to the older cover. This cover sports pencils by Pramit and inks my myself.

The cover includes Ashen Yu (top left), Victor Locke (right), Zombie Girl (lower left), Nightevil (middle) and Loren Talbane (lower right) and Vladymir Alucard in the background.

Hopefully we will soon be able to take our books to a larger audience. Currently we are grooming Pramit for the Night Phoenix comic which we also hope to release by the end of the year.

For those who don't know this is the issue that introduces everyone to the world of Epitaph. It takes place a few months after the "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" movie, the story continues in the three issue Darksiders limited series then of course sets up for the ongoing series.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Epitaph: Abiding Lilith #2?

As mentioned there is a completed book (pencils and inks) that was supposed to be part of the Epitaph ongoing series that dealt specifically with a spreader named Damita, but considering the 14 page story was so self contained that it would've taken up most of issue #2, we held it back. But the story does connect to the current timelime about Decoy trying to find several Sisterhood of Lilith spreaders who're exposing victims to a deadly new STD.

While the story continues in the ongoing series this middle story has no home. So that leads us to the possibility of an Abiding Lilith #2.

The other possibility is to give her a one shot book of her own that would bleed into the Epitaph ongoing series. As it stands now Decoy doesn't meet Damita until issue #2 of the ongoing series.

The Damita story simply takes us through a day in the life of a highly trained, Sisterhood of Lilith babymaker/spreader. These are the women who have babies for the Sisterhood via the HAC (Hyper Accelerated/Abridged Conception) process. HAC turns a nine month process into a nine hour process. The process is used to birth demonic hybrids, and also Damious himself was the son of a spreader. 

While the spreaders are given a magic based healing factor, the physical and psychological affects are taking their tolls on Damita. The book will also be a flip book and introduce Euthanasia, a vampire with a soul, cursed by a witch. Euthanasia, sometimes called "Sin", patrols the streets feeding on violent criminals, while trying to find a way to break the vampiric curse... even though it will probably kill her. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Year, New Epitaph Series

Epitaph Issue #1 cover by Nathyn Masters
A new year brings a new Epitaph series, in fact it brings "Epitaph: The Series" written and drawn by me. 

In June we plan to release the final issue of "Epitaph: Darksiders," but all your favorites will return to continue their battle for world domination.

"Epitaph: The Series" will be released this year. The cover features Ashen Yu (front and center), to the left of her a new character: a Sisterhood of Lilith spreader named Damita, Decoy (far left) and of course Victor Locke (far right).

The series takes place right after the private jet carrying Loren Talbane explodes on take off creating a media circus, and leaving Victor Locke with no leads on whose unleashing the deadly creatures upon Chicago. (See Epitaph: Beginning of the End #0).

Right now issues #1 and #2 are done along with Victor Locke Demon Hunter #0 and another book starring Damita that you will be hearing about real soon...

Also the "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" movie will be released this year so 2013 will be a big year for Epitaph and Night Phoenix Press. Ir's also the year we plan to start our push to get into comic book stores and get national attention.

And we want to say thanks to the fans who supported us at Wizard World 2012 and we hope to see you again this year with more stuff. Many times indie comic companies disappear after a few issues are released we don't want to be those companies.