Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Concept Photos for Epitaph: Bread and Salt

Concept photos for the "Epitaph: Bread and Salt" are out and up for all to see on our Facebook page.

Microbudget filmmaker Nathyn Brendan Masters will star and direct the feature film about the origin of Victor Locke and how he came to work with "The Defenders of Eden" amidst the backdrop of cults and a rise of modern day Esterie that have made their home in Chicago.

Several concept shots have come to light based on the original ads and covers for Epitaph and the upcoming Victor Locke spin off comic series slated for 2011. Masters will take on the role of Victor Locke, an urban demon hunter forced into a calling because he has the power to see demons masquerading as humans. He teams up with a band of Esterie hunters called "The Defenders of Eden" who indeed have defended earth from the supernatural since the time of Solomon.

Masters promises martial arts, action and thrills and to "keep it in the universe." He feels strongly about making the series reflect the world of the comic book and is currently creating costumes, making props and building weapons for the film as well as creating a martial art specifically based around various staking techniques Daqar Krav (which means "stabbing" or in this context "Staking" Combat in Hebrew). People can learn more about the film on Master's Production Journal at DVXUser.com.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Epitaph: Beginning of the End #0 Ready for Order!

The Epitaph: Beginning of the End #0 is out and Ready for Order! This is the first issue to the series with the mix cover featuring Ashen, Alucard, Victor Locke and Hanover. This cover was done by Robert Stewart a few years ago and those fabulous colors were by Kayla Swain.

As mentioned before this series takes place a bit after the upcoming Epitaph: Bread and Salt movie also due out in 2011 (more information on "Bread and Salt" starring Nathyn Brendan Masters coming soon) and will build off the situations that happen in the film.

This is the same issue as the one with the Zombie Girl cover, but this is the plain cover. In this issue The Sisterhood of Lilith vie for the affections of their most powerful male member and a flesh eating prostitute feasts on her clients. In the meantime Victor Locke tries to keep it together while hunting demons and trying to solve several supernatural murders. Click on the image to get issue #0 now!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Rise of the Phoenix!

Hey everyone, just sending a shout out to let everyone know Night Phoenix Press is indeed back in business. Our first book should be out sometime this month. Just to let you know, we may be slow getting the work out because of a lot of lose ends we're tying up, but it will be coming out. We're talking both comics, graphics novels and even a movie or so in the works so be on the look out.

So the obvious question is what are we droppin' on you first. The answer is "Epitaph: The Beginning of the End". This is a total reworking of the Epitaph story. For those who don't know the story Epitaph is NOT just about an evil cult bent on world domination, as much as the wars within as various factions (and people), try to rise to power particularly in the city of Chicago.

The Epitaph series will feature several specific characters and their stories while other Night Phoenix Press characters pop up seeking to save the world or plunge it into darkness. Coming special appearances include Night Phoenix and Maven. With art by Joseph Conave, coloring by Kayla Swain and letters by Blackout Texture Shoppe and written by Nathyn Masters.

This is not a series like other series, it will not be an on going series yet as much as it will be a bunch of mini-series and graphic novels that pop up from time to time. Various books will spin off from Epitaph, the first being Demon Hunter Victor Locke then Night Phoenix and Maven. Keep your eye here to know all that's going on.