Saturday, May 10, 2014

EPITAPH JAKKED! A Manga Infused Retelling of the B.O.E Storyline

On the heels of the "Epitaph: Darksiders" storyline and with "Victor Locke Demon Hunter" having dropped the ongoing series is ready to go.

But also, along with other books I'm doing here's a pic from an upcoming mini series "Epitaph: Jakked" which finds our characters in a futuristic manga fusion styled world.

Epitaph Jakked is a reimagining of the Epitaph characters using the "Beginning of the End" and "Abiding Lilith" storylines again starting with the Harrison murder, but taking a decidedly different approach from the mystery oriented set up that the mini and main series take.

Each book will tell a different, but interconnected story written and drawn by myself with covers by myself, Bill Young and others.

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