Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Available in May - Epitaph: Ultimate Control

Many people want power, but what's it worth to you? 

In this one shot, Serpina, a soul stealing corporal succubus, seeks deadly vengeance for being imprisoned after making deals with Natas Talbane and a US Senator. 

Meanwhile the vigilante known as Euthanasia feeds on violent criminals to sate her bloodlust. 

Written by series creator Nathyn Brendan Masters with art by Paulo Sbragi, Robert Stewart and Maldad on colors. 

Another tale leading up to "Epitaph: The Series". If you've been enjoying the Epitaph stories they will all converge this summer. Your favorite good and bad guys and gals will be back in the swing of things and you don't want to miss it. Digital copies are on sale now at

Content Warning: Epitaph: Ultimate Control deals with mature subject matter and may contain adult situations.

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